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Gary Scruggs Hi my name is Gary and I live with my brother, Larry, my 19 year old son, Robert, and my dog Chocolate, in Whynot Mississippi. Robert is a Sophomore at Meridian Community College. He is a high humor student, and a member of Phi Theta Kappa (PTK). He is also a big fan of the University of Alabama. My daughter Theresa lives in Meridian, and she will graduate from the University of Southern Mississippi in December. After which, she will spend 2 years, in the Peace Corp.

Whynot is a small rual community located in the Southeast corner of Lauderdale County. To read about how Whynot got its name click >>here. Do you want to see pictures of Whynot?

I am a T-12 paraplegic which means that my injury is at the twelfth thoracic, and I'm paralized from the waist down. With God's help I have been able to deal with my disability, and go forward with my life. I went back to school and graduated from Meridian Community College, with a Associates of Arts degree in Computer Technology.

But I have had a hard time finding a job in my home town. I did manage to fine part-time job with the City of Meridian's Information Systems, where I helped to install a new computer system and I also served as assistant webmaster. Because of the economy's downturn, and budget crunches, I am again on the outside looking in for another job.

In the mean time I keep busy being with my family, working around the house, cutting grass and working in the yard and garden. I am also an excellent cook, and do 90% of our cooking. But I hate washing dishes. I also stay busy serving in the family of God. I regularly attend Bethany Baptist Church, and serve on the Building and Grounds Committee. I also serve as Bethany's webmaster. Click on the link below, and check out the "Little Church on the Hill, with the big Heart."

Life is not fair, and no matter how unfair life sometimes seems to be, just remember, God Loves You, and through Jesus Christ everything is possiable.

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This web-site is deciated to the memory of Gary Lee Scruggs Jr.

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